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5 star
Like all of the great things I’ve found in my life (my husband, all my jobs for the last decade, a set of Coke bottles from the 1930s), I found Kurtis and R10 Construction on Craigslist.  I originally contacted him to replace some linoleum floor in preparation for our house to sell, but after finding out the floor was discontinued and no one wanted our house, we pulled it from the market and I called him back to give this place a much needed facelift.  I’m not sure what I expected at the beginning (a previous experience with a shady handyman-ish person was all we had to go on) but I can honestly say that it was the best experience we could have had.

Seriously.  The man is like a unicorn.  I saw not a hole-punch’s worth of paperwork from our previous home improvement hire, and here was Kurtis with receipts, contracts, change orders, everything written out as detailed as possible so we’d know exactly what to expect from him, what projects he’d be doing, where our money was going, how long it would take for each thing, and, my favorite, A PROJECTED END DATE.  No longer would I feel like I was in home repair purgatory and wonder how long I’d be without the use of some essential utility.  Never once did he not return a call or text and never once did he miss an appointment or just decide not to show up.  Also, he never made us feel marginalized by our budget.  He and his company work with many large and expensive projects and though ours was on a tight budget, he never brushed off our concerns or needs because our walls weren’t papered in Grover Cleveland.

The only surprises we had in the process were good ones.  He is very knowledgeable, patient, honest, and everyone who works with him does beautiful, top-notch work.  He gave us a yard for our son and future kids to play in without fear of injury,  gorgeous floors that will last years, an answer to a several-year plumbing issue that was driving us insane, and so many other things that I don’t have the time to list.  The Clairemont area is not new and its houses all have special needs.  If you would classify your home as a special needs project, then Kurtis is your man.  He took a house that had several years of incompetent workmen touching it (sliding door frames facing backward, questionable building practices, idiot plumbing) and made it into a place that after five years of living here I can finally call home.  The dysfunctional nature of our home before he worked on it caused us years of stress and frustration, and thankfully we no longer have to worry about anything.

I think the world of Kurtis and his company and constantly name drop him without even thinking of anyone else.  He is all about making the customer happy and truly, we could not be happier.

Abby B.

San Diego, CA

5 star
The owner of this business (Kurtis) is all about making sure the customer is happy with a job well done.  I initially contacted him about replacing a tile floor at my place of business…he was upfront and honest and knew that the flooring chosen would NOT be a good choice.  Because of his knowledge and honesty…I contracted with him to install laminate flooring throughout my home.  The floor are beautiful, I don’t have the slightest complaint about anything.  The “craftsmen” he employs….are just that…craftsmen!  We saved money because they cut and fit the pieces so creatively.  They were neat and clean and respectful of our pets and just very pleasant to be in our home during the job. I have recommended R10 Construction to numerous friends and acquaintances without a moment’s hesitation.  We plan to use them again, as soon as we are ready, to replace some sliding doors and I have no doubt we’ll be happy with that project as well. It is a pleasure to find people who know what they are doing and willing to do it at a reasonable price. We sincerely wish much success to R10 Construction, Inc.

Judy L C.

Carlsbad, CA